Korine N. Kolivras, Associate Professor, korine@vt.edu
Affiliated Faculty Member, Fralin Life Science Institute

123 Major Williams Hall
At Virginia Tech Since: 2004
Education: Ph.D., University of Arizona, 2004
Web Page: http://www.cnr.vt.edu/korine/index.htm








Research Interests:

  • Medical geography
  • Climate and health
  • GIS Applications

Classes Recently Taught:

  • GEOG 1004: Introduction to Human Geography
  • GEOG 4074: Medical Geography
  • GEOG 5214: Health and the Global Environment

Recent Publications:

  • Kolivras, K.N.  2010.  Changes in dengue risk potential in Hawaii, USA due to climate variability and change.  Climate Research  42(1): 1-11.

  • Forthcoming:  Scarpaci, J.L., Kolivras, K.N., and Galloway, W.  Engineering Paradise: Making Claim in the Dominican Republic’s Last Frontier.  In S. Brunn and A. Wood (Eds.), Engineering Earth: The Impact of Megaengineering Projects.  Kluwer/Springer.

  • Forthcoming:  Butterworth, M.K.*, Kolivras, K.N., Grossman, L.S., and Redican, K.J.  Knowledge, perceptions, and practices: Mosquito-borne disease transmission in southwest Virginia, USA.  The Southeastern Geographer.

  • 2009:  Resler, L.M. and Kolivras, K.N.  A field-based technique for teaching habitat fragmentation and biogeographic edges.  Journal of Geography 108(4-5): 210-218.

  • 2009:  Kolivras, K.N. and Scarpaci, J.L. Between Corporatism and Socialism: Navigating the Waters of International Education in the Dominican Republic and Cuba.  Journal of Geography 108(3):121-131.

  • 2008:  Lambert, R.C.*, Kolivras, K.N., Resler, L.M., Brewster, C.C. and Paulson, S.L.  The potential for emergence of Chagas disease in the United States.  Geospatial Health.  2(2): 227-239.

  • 2007:  Kolivras, K.N. and Comrie, A.C.  Regionalization and variability of precipitation in Hawaii.  Physical Geography. 28(1): 76-96.

  • 2007:  Knocke, E.* and Kolivras, K.N.  The perception of flash flood risk in southwestern Virginia.  Risk Analysis.  27(1): 155-169.

  • 2006:  Kolivras, K.N.  Mosquito habitat and dengue risk potential in Hawaii: A conceptual framework and GIS application.  The Professional Geographer.  58(2): 139-154.

  • 2004:  Kolivras, K.N. and Comrie, A.C.  Climate and infectious disease in the southwestern United States.  Progress in Physical Geography.  28: 387-398.

  • 2003:  Kolivras, K.N. and Comrie, A.C.  Modeling valley fever (coccidioidomycosis) incidence based on climate conditions.  The International Journal of Biometeorology.  47: 87-101.

  • 2001:  Kolivras, K.N., Johnson, P., Comrie, A.C. and Yool, S.R. Environmental variability and coccidioidomycosis (valley fever). Aerobiologia 17: 31-42.

* - student collaborator

Grants and Awards:

  • 2008: Institute for Biomedical and Public Health Sciences, Virginia Tech Seed Grant “Environmental variability and Lyme disease in Virginia”  ($20,000) (PI, with co-PI’s James Campbell, Pang Du, David Gaines, Dana Hawley, Steve Sedlock, Eric Smith)

  • 2007:  National Council for Geographic Education, “A comparative analysis of virtual and conventional landscape interpretation”  $3500 (PI, with co-PI Lynn Resler).

  • 2006:  Curriculum Club Outstanding Teacher, Department of Geography, Virginia Tech.

  • 2006:  American Geographical Society, “Collaborative Environmental Management in Caribbean Tourist Regions: Linking Geographic Scales of Analysis and Public-Private Partnerships” $58,000 (co-PI, with PI Joseph Scarpaci and co-PI William Galloway).

  • 2006:  College of Natural Resources (VT) Seed Grant “Amphibians as natural agents of mosquito population control”  $9800 (co-PI, with PI William Hopkins and co-PI Sally Paulson).

  • 2006:  Association of American Geographers Research Grant “Assessing the Potential for Mosquito-borne Disease Outbreaks in Virginia: A Pilot Study”  $1,000.

  • 2005:  Finalist in the AAG Nystrom Competition for best paper based on a recent dissertation

  • 2005:  Faculty Grant, Office of International Research, Education, and Development/Office of International Affairs (VT):  “Assessment of Health-related Exposures in a Squatter Settlement in the Dominican Republic” $1,000.

  • 2005:  Summer Faculty Fellow Grant, Center for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching (VT)  “Restructuring Introduction to Human Geography (GEOG 1004)” $6,000.